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Scrumbit: a tool to get it done with your scrum sprints - PART 1

Scrumbit: a tool to get it done with your scrum sprints - PART 1

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Daniele Lenares
·Apr 26, 2021·

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For the startup I'm collaborating with, we are using SCRUM methodology to develop our products. We started using Trello but it doesn't fit this agile process so we started searching the web for alternatives. We found some other tools, more or less scrum oriented, but all the tools we tried are always filled with a LOT of distracting and "uselsess" features.


So I started thinking: "How can I help my collaborators to find some tool that gets to the point?"

And if...

I'm a professional web developer, I started working in 2010. I am capable to build something on my own to create a product completely "SCRUM-centric"? Not completely alone probably.


But then I started to think:

  • Will a product like this be useful?
  • Will this product be used by someone else other than my team?
  • Will this product be used at all?

And if this product will be built directly from the community for the community?


So I'm asking you, open source community:

  • A product like this will be useful?
  • What are the features you think are needed?
  • Are you interested in participate?

I'm waiting for all your thoughts, ideas and also criticism!

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